“Only trust statistics you’ve manipulated yourself” : Sir Winston Churchill

But then again pictures or charts say more than a thousand words. Professor Hans Rosling is thé expert in using this power over and over again. Not only in his great TED-talks, but also in this one hour documentary of the BBC.

He is founder and director of the Gapminder world; software used to present data in a understandable way. Who said statistics were boring 😉

Healthcare gets more and more “googled” next up : The 3D body browser

Google just has launched a new tool, completely programmed in HTML-5 that is a bodybrowser.

For now they only have launched an female version but al male one will be available aswell.

Through a search option one could enter bodyparts, or i.e. muscle names and you will be taken there. Because of the changing URL’s in the bodybrowser an nice option is to bookmark a page for quick marking. It will only run in Safari, Firefox and Chrome for now. (see this page for some instructions)