I am moving out (and in) !

This message,

together with this one  : The Presentation That Inspired Google+ http://read.bi/o5U6fU

Pushed me crossing the line :  i will move out of Facebook as of tomorrow. Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ will be my 3 online networks that i will use. 
I will try to connect the other networks in a way that they will be filled with content of these 3, but please do NOT expect ANY engagement from me over there anymore, after next week. 
Over the last weeks, i was updating, checking mail, Twitter, Facebook, Hyves, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Yammer, Msn and Skype multiple times a day. Insane !! 
It is said 3 networks at the most, and likely to engage with 150 people, so that is exactly what i will be doing. 
Thanks all ! See you on Twitter, LinkedIn (not in ANY of the groups btw)  and Google+
Once a Mobile Nomad, allways a Mobile Nomad, checkin’ in- and out using anything, anywhere, allways.
Thats why my signature states for over a year :
Kind regards,
Lucien Engelen

Sent by i-something : As for my life as a “Mobile Nomad” please excuse brevity and typos.


What online health-community would you consider to be best case ?

For a book we are working on we would like to hear what online health-community are to be considered as a best case.

They have to be online (allready or yet) and may be

  1. On specific disease
  2. Patient group
  3. Location based
  4. Nation-wide
  5. Global

Tell me why you think so and what’s unique about it and if possible who should we interview for it.