May the force be with you.

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything, just be quiet, just appreciate that there is life. Thinking about how you can help others for whom thát is not certain (anymore). How to convey that small things sometimes make a bigger difference than big things and thus being of greater importance.

Going to bed with that thought in your mind and getting up in the morning again and just doing it, in stead of talking about it, can make the difference.

Make a difference instead of wanting to make a difference. It is sometimes as easy as a hand on a shoulder, a glass of water to someone in the waiting room, often it is simple, often it is not easy however.

“Fighters” like Jip will always continue to inspire us and that is beautiful. They live on, in us, for us and with us.

Make a difference, do something: tomorrow!


Dutch :

Soms moet je gewoon niets zeggen, gewoon stil zijn, blij zijn dat er leven is. Nadenken over hoe je anderen kunt helpen voor wie dat niet (meer) vanzelfsprekend is. Hoe uit te dragen is dat ook kleine dingen soms een groter verschil maken dan grote dingen en daarmee dan weer groots kunnen zijn.

Met die gedachte in bed stappen en de dag er na er gewoon iets aan doen, in plaats van er over te (blijven) praten of nadenken, is belangrijk.

Máák het verschil in plaats van het verschil te wíllen maken. Het zit soms al in een hand op een schouder, een glas water voor iemand in de wachtkamer. Het is simpel, maar niet makkelijk zeg ik wel eens.

Vechters als Jip zullen ons altijd blijven inspireren en dat is dan weer mooi. Ook zo leven ze voort, in ons, voor ons en met ons.

Maak het verschil, doe iets : morgen !!


12-year old Talia Joy “Cancer is a journey, like every journey it has an end.”

This is one of the most impressive videos i have ever seen from a cancerpatient, and she is only 12. 

“Well i have two cancers in my body and they are very very deadly, i am honest about that. I have all the input, and i decide myself. It is a bit difficult to explain, so i hope you comprehend what i’m saying. It is hard to explain”

Be sure to watch it to the end !

She gives makeup lessons in her own YouTube channel


Radical openness : my DNA report


Ok just now for a starter:

I had my saliva “done” by 23andme and below in this post is the report of what i found out about me. Just for now i will publish it, but over de next weeks i will dive into my “search” on what this means, what i have learned and what it does with me. 

Yes; i thought about this a lot, and yes i know unforseen consequenses in terms of “privacy” could occur, but it really think that “privacy” earned a completly new definition nowadays. 

Will take you on my journey from my crowdsourcing blog where you can read the complete 25-pager since from my vision crowdsourcing for health will be the next frontier, once we combine the collective knowlegde, information and networks together. So this will be the only post here on this blog about it. Also i posted a few polls right there for you.


ps : added the 25-pager here aswell as some people ask where the results are 😉 

23andMe Printable Report 6 Okt 2012