“it’s the Maastricht Million” he said

I was wondering how many views that video on TED.com already had an saw it was nearing a half of million views, almost 500.000 times viewed !


Triggered by that number i looked at the seond video of TEDxMaastricht that got online of my Buddy E-patient dave and found that it reached 380.000 !



So that again pulled me to my own video that had over 200.000 views 😉


Thrilled on those numbers i tweeted about that and Dave -one foot in a plae he was boarding at shoted out : The Maastricht Million!” 

1.1 Million to be exact. 

But; i also have to add of course the great video of our friend Bart Knols with his Malaria mosquitoes talk he gave at our second TEDxMaastricht in 2012 :

That gained already 130.000 views !!!

Wow : proud to be part of that ! 

Pulling the other leg into the airplane Dave shouted out once again, this time : ” @lucienengelen Yeah, I do arithmetic. Gimme My Digits! ”